Prayer Requests

March 21, 2017
(updated weekly on Tuesdays)

You open Your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing.”
Psalm 145:16

Joy and Thanksgiving for:

·         The Foothills Faith Academy celebration on Sunday.


Prayerful Consideration for:

·         The beautiful memorial service for her mother Dorothy in Ireland with family.  (from Lesley Davies)

·         Barbara R., Jessica M., Beverly S., Kasey C., and Sean S.  (from Dan Carol Palm)

·         Elaine, Marc, Katana, and Mariana.  Prayers for their family challenges and relationships and God’s presence and guidance during these challenges.  (from Elaine Northcutt)


Health and Healing prayers for:

·         Bob G., Anne Von der Mehden’s brother, who has multiple serious health issues.  (from Kathy Hayes)

·         Jim’s father, Wayne, whose health is declining, and for Wayne’s wife, Ena.  Prayers for comfort and relief from pain.  (from Jim and Paula Perry)

·         Carlos Lopez for his surgery on 3/21.  (from Margie Gillis)

·         For Spencer's brother Steven. For wisdom for the doctors, for family strength and for healing of his body.  (from Diane Bernal)

·         For husband, Bob, in rehab after back surgery.  (from Dot Bechtelheimer)

·         For Aunt Ellie having a lung biopsy on 3/21.  (from Jody Murray)

·         For husband, Jim, who has heart issues and declining health.  (from Doris Craig)

·         Continued prayers for Spencer Topham in ICU on ventilator with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.  Prayers for the family and for the miracle of total healing.

·         Mark Felio having a heart procedure on 3/23.  Prayers for successful surgery and good recovery.  Prayers also for his wife, Jean.


Sympathy Is Extended To:

·         The family of Linda Murray who passed away.  (from Anna May Barrera)

·         The family of Harriet Hutcheson, including her daughter, Corinne Lord.  Harriet passed away on 3/17.

·         Sarah Carlton and family.  Her husband, Austin, passed on 3/13.



Prayer Quilts:

·         Carlos Lopez having prostate surgery.

·         Marty Beck with a twisted intestine.

·         Luke Perez, 2 months old, needing several surgeries.

·         Ron Erlich with a malignant lung tumor.