Prayer Requests

July 18, 2017
(updated weekly on Tuesdays)

Joy and Thanksgiving for:

·         A wonderful start to Vacation Bible School week. 


Prayerful Consideration for:

·         Prayers for the country and peace in the world with no weapons being used.  (from Steve Prellwitz)


Health and Healing prayers for:

·         Daughter-in-law Laura, who has a mass on her lung.  (from Chuck and Teresia Vest)

·         Aunt in Ireland who fell and broke her shoulder.  (from Lesley Davies)

·         Son-in-law Josh, who is having surgery.  (from Gordon and Joanie)

·         Rosemary Bentley’s health.  (from Margie Gillis)

·         Son Jeff, who is getting nerve pain implant.  (from Don and Margie Fitchett)

·         Pastor John Dodson, who is quite ill.  He is a Pastor in Los Altos. 

·         Continued prayers for Rachel as she heals from quadricep surgery.  (from John and Ruth Kolb)

·         Shannon, Frank and Trevor.  Trevor is having seizures and is being observed for treatment.  (from Deanna Jagow)

·         Father Don, who had a stroke.  (from Randy McAnnally)


Prayer Quilts:

·         Crystal Richardson for her rotator cuff surgery.

·         Steven O’Leary, who had a massive stroke.