Prayer Requests

April 17, 2017
(updated weekly on Tuesdays)

You open Your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing.”
Psalm 145:16

Joy and Thanksgiving

·         For the wonderful Easter celebration services.

·         For Charlie Bank who attended Easter service after his snowboard accident and is in his cast.


 Prayerful Consideration

·         For Rodie Campbell (from Larry Wilson).


Health and Healing:

·         For David Anderson for continued healing from cancer (from Larry Wilson).

·         For Bob Geiberger who is Anne Von der Mehden’s brother (dealing with many health concerns) and wife Ginny (from Kathy Hayes)

·         For continued prayers for son John Jr. and his move (from Kim and John Cooney)

·         For his great-grandma Audrey and Chuck for continued health and for his family when he is away on active duty (from James Ford)

·         For financial needs to be met, for her health, and for purchase of memorial marker for her mother (from Angelica Teixeira)

·         For Sue Jacobsen who has lung disease and Kent Jacobsen who has prostate cancer (from the Jacobsen family)

·         For Ty Page and family as Ty struggles with brain cancer (from Kim Cooney)


Sympathy Is Extended To:

·         For the family of Jillianne Sevenddal. Jillianne passed away at age 14.

·         For Jim and Paula Perry’s family. Jim’s father T. Wayne Perry passed away at age 97.

·         For the family of Spencer Topham. Spencer passed away on April 17.


Prayer Quilts:

For Mary Kelley who is having open heart surgery.

Prayerful Consideration for:

·         For daughter, Natalie, who needs employment.  (from Rose Troncoso)

·         Traveling mercies for trip to Spain to see family.  (from Cynthia Teysko)


Health and Healing prayers for:

·         Carlos Lopez, who had a successful surgery.  Continued prayers for a steady recovery.

·         For Esther Corley’s CPA who lost her husband then broke her foot.

·         Tony Tripp who has stage 3 cancer.  (from Chuck Robbins)

·         Brother Steve, wife Holly and their daughters.  (from Diane Bernal)

·         Secora Nelson recovering from brain tumor.  (from Judy and Joe Miller)

·         Daughter-in-law, Mallary, being treated for colon cancer.

·         Sean, who is receiving treatment, and Jane’s 91 year old father in the hospital.  (from Lesley Davies)

·         Mother, Janice, having knee replacement surgery on 3/28.  (from Debbie Mink)

·         Daughter, Lisa, having surgery on 3/27.  (from Barbara Davis)

·         Judy Gunn, who has heart issues.  (from Rev. Jeanette)


Sympathy Is Extended To:


Prayer Quilts for:

·         Dallas Voss, who was in a car accident and is paralyzed right now.

·         Rev. Cox, who has kidney issues.