Prayer Requests

May 23, 2017
(updated weekly on Tuesdays)

You open Your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing.”
Psalm 145:16

Joy and Thanksgiving for:

·         The 20th Anniversary of Rowdy and Debbie Banks on 5/24.


Prayerful Consideration for:

·         Thank you for continued prayers for son, Scotty.  His prosthetic arm arrives soon. (from Dottie Crummy)

·         Thank you for continued prayers for brother, Jon, who is now home and having rehab. services.  (from Sheila Clark)

·         Carly and Eli.  Final court hearing is on 6/21.  (from Nancy Pratt)


Health and Healing prayers for:

·         Dental work and resolution for repair of fire damage in December.  (from Nancy Young)

·         Continued prayers for great-grandson, Riley.  (from Charla Hannon)

·         Doris Houchen who is having shoulder surgery on 5/24.

·         Nephew, Matt, diagnosed with colon cancer.  (from anonymous)

·         Friend, Trent, age 14, who is having heart surgery on 5/22.  (from Kristine Johannes)

·         Wesley Leonard, who is having surgery for a deviated septum on 5/25.

·         Continued prayers for brother, Steven, who is on chemo and showing improvement.  (from Diane Bernal)

·         Chaplain Judy Ray.  (from Chuck Robbins)

·         Successful surgery for Janice C. on 5/23.  (from Dorothy Relaford)

·         Friends, Ginny and Ron.  Ron is in heart failure.  (from Deana Blake)

·         Continued prayers for Annie Muller, who is still at Mt. Miguel Health Center.  (from Michele Chabot)


Sympathy Is Extended To:

·         The family of Helen Skeels.  Helen passed away on 5/21.