Exploring Scripture

Exploring Scripture is an experiential class that invites attendees to engage scripture in new ways. We focus on formation that allows the text to form us (and hopefully, transform us.) The weekly Thursday class will primarily practice lectio divina, an ancient spiritual practice that allows us to experience scripture as God’s living Word. Latin for “divine or sacred reading,” lectio divina helps us interact with scripture through quiet reflection and listening for God’s leading.

If you are not able to attend the class, you may practice on your own.
If you are new to lectio divina, click here for instructions.

Pastor Kristie's weekly reflection will focus on one-word or phrase (to coincide with the One-Word Check-In podcast). 

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Or you can find the reflections here each week:

Week 1 Hands of Robbers
Week 2 A Certain Place
Week 3 Shrewd
Week 4 Chasm 
Week 5 Badgering 
Week 6 Slumped in the Shadows
Week 7 Take Away the Stone
Week 8 Restore
Week 9 Looking for Me
Week 10 Be Ready
Week 11 Be Prepared
Week 12 Be Joyful 
Week 13 Be Open 
Week 14 Be Present
Christmas Day Be the Light
Week 15 Revealed
Week 16 Light Has Dawned
Week 17 Plead Your Case