Acolyte Ministry

Why Acolyte?
One of the faith milestones in the Methodist church is when you enter 4th grade, you are old enough to serve as an acolyte at the worship service of your choosing. Students in grades 4th through 12th can serve as acolytes. Acolyting is a wonderful way that youth can serve during the worship service. You can receive community service hours, too. For more information, contact our Acolyte Coordinator, Lisa Stewart or call the church office.

What is An Acolyte?
Acolyte means "to assist or help;" therefore, an acolyte assists the pastors during the worship service. Acolytes can help the pastors serve communion and hold the baptismal font during a baptism. Every Sunday, acolytes bring the light of Christ into the sanctuary and back out at the end of service. They also assist with the offertory every Sunday.

What is the Commitment?
We ask for a one-year commitment. A parent or grandparent sits with their acolyte during the worship service. Acolyte families typically serve during the service of their choosing once every 5 weeks. However, an acolyte may serve as often as he/she likes, depending on the number of acolytes available.

Acolyte Training:
All students in grades 4 - 12 who are interested in becoming an acolyte, please contact Lisa Stewart through the church office. Acolytes in training will sit in church with current, experienced acolytes to see how this ministry, which brings the light of Christ to our worship, is conducted.