Current and Ongoing Mission Opportunities

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that serve in mission to the community

Kairos Prison Ministries
The mission of the Kairos Prison Ministry is to bring Christ's love and forgiveness to all incarcerated individuals, their families and those who work with them, as well as to assist in the transition of becoming a productive citizen. Kairos missionaries use homemade cookies to draw the candidates into the program. These are something they would otherwise never be able to enjoy. The cookies may be the draw, but many prisoners find the experience fulfilling beyond just a satisfaction of their sweet tooth. Click here to read more about the mission of Kairos and the many ways you can help the missionaries who go into the prison.

InterFaith Shelter
interfaith-shelter-strip.jpg​The 2022 Interfaith Shelter has been canceled due to the recent Covid surge.

The Interfaith Shelter is a rotating shelter for homeless people who are actively working towards bettering their lives and finding a job. Foothills hosts the shelter for two weeks each year, usually in February. Many volunteers are needed to make this incredible program a success. Email Sharon Russo, if you are interested in helping as an overnight host, providing meals, transportation, laundry services or creating hygiene packets for the next shelter.

Common Ground Collaborative
common-ground-strip.jpgCommon Ground Collaborative is an interdenominational outreach effort of three churches - Santa Sophia Catholic Church, Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church and Foothills United Methodist Church. The Collaborative has adopted five underprivileged elementary schools in the Spring Valley area and serves a broad spectrum of needs including providing volunteers in the classroom, emergency family needs of food or clothing, and facilitating each student with a personal home library.

Volunteering in the classroom is a great gift contribution to a child's life, providing both support in their education, but also a compassionate adult role model. There is much more we do, and much more we hope to do in the future.  For Foothills specific information, contact chairperson John Parsons at (619)-469-7169.

For more information about how Common Ground works in partnership with schools in our neighborhood head to their website or contact them

Missions On Call List
missions-on-call-strip.jpg The Missions Committee is collecting the names of people who want to be “on call” to help when a need arises in our community. This might be something as little as driving our Interfaith Shelter guests to the Transit Center (20 minute commitment) or as big as cleaning out the storeroom at the Good Neighbor Center (several hour project). When we are alerted of a need, we can put the communication system in motion and contact you. If you can help at that time, great! If not, you can surround the need in your prayers. Please contact Susan Naslund if you want to move beyond the church walls in mission to our community.