Kairos Prison Ministry

The next retreat is ​March 28 - 31, 2019
Please deliver cookies to Foothills on Sunday March 17th during worship.
Here are all the instructions for participating in this ministry.

The cookies are many times the one thing that will cause an inmate to accept the invitation to attend the weekend, so they play a vital part in the success of the weekend. Our cookie donations the last two weekends have enabled us to give cookies to every resident at Donovan. What a treat that is for them. You can bake now and freeze them or bake just in time to get them to the church. There are specific instructions to follow in the baking and packaging process since the cookies are being brought into a prison. Please see and follow the instructions here.

Our Sunday School children color placemats that will be part of the three meals taken into the prison. The placemats hold special meaning for the candidates and many will remove them from the table to make sure they don’t get any food spilled on them and then take them to the cell as a special remembrance of the weekend. If you would like to color some or have a group that would like to, please ​contact the church office.

This opportunity is available to anyone (male or female) who is eighteen years old or older. For men this is a wonderful way to see first-hand the results of the weekend for the candidates and “try the ministry on.” It is also an opportunity ​for women to participate and show ​their support ​for the ministry. The Praise and Worship experience and hearing the candidates’ individual testimonies about their weekend experience is powerful. If would like to attend, you must submit an application request. Contact the church office for this application

For those of you who would like to make the commitment to pray for the upcoming Kairos Weekend at RJ Donovan, there is an internet link where you can sign up for an hour time slot during the weekend. You would simply spend some time during your assigned hour and pray for the weekend. Prayers could be included for the inmates participating, the inmates on the inside team, the prison staff and administration staff, the staff chaplains and yard pastors, the families of the inmates involved, the outside team that comes into the prison, and their families. Pray for all those who may have baked cookies for the weekend or wrote Agape letters for the candidates. That same weekend there are also ten other men’s weekends throughout the United States and five women’s weekends and one Kairos Outside weekend for women related to incarcerated men that could be included in your prayers.

During the course of the weekend each inmate candidate receives a bag full of AGAPE mail from team members and other outside people who choose to write letters. The effect these letters of LOVE and PRAYERS have on the candidates is unbelievable. For some it is the first mail they have ever received from anyone on the outside. If you (or a group you belong to) can take the time to write 36 short letters of love and encouragement for the candidates. Each short letter/note must be handwritten. (Start now and it’s an easy task to write one a short letter a day between now and the weekend.)

Thank you for your support of this powerful ministry!


Several people have asked about other ways of supporting the Kairos ministry weekend retreat being held at RJ Donovan Correctional Institute over the weekend. One of the ways that everyone can help is with PRAYER, and there are a couple of ways of doing it.

In addition to your own personal prayers that you would offer there are online Kairos prayer chain links that you can log onto and select an hour during the course of the weekend and sign up to pray during that hour. The Kairos teams will be working in two of the yards at Donovan that weekend. To see how to sign up for prayers, see the prayers section above.

The other opportunity we ask for prayers is at 11 AM on the Friday of the ministry program. That is the time during the weekend that the attendees learn that “They Are Not Alone” and they will be shown flyers and letters from all around the world that have been sent to them as group in support of this event. They learn that people all around the world are praying for them at that particular moment. So, you can set an alarm or alert for that time and pause in personal prayer.

Who do I pray for? First and foremost is for the candidates (36 inmates in each yard that have been selected by the Yard Pastors and accepted the invitation to attend the weekend). Then there is the Outside Team (some 70 San Diego lay and clergy men from different denominations throughout the county who volunteer for the weekend and the other Kairos sponsored events that take place after the weekend). Then the Inside Team (inmates that have completed their own Kairos Weekend Retreat and have now volunteered to serve their fellow inmates throughout the weekend. Pray for the Protestant Chaplain at Donovan. Pray for the families and loved ones of these inmates, many of whom will witness a transformation of their man. Especially pray for the Warden who fully supports the Kairos Ministry and allows the events to take place. Pray the staff of the institution, many of whom fully support the weekend event because they witness a change in the inmates who attend and a peace about the yard after such an event, and then pray for those staff who don’t support the weekend and don’t believe these men can be changed. You can also pray for the other fifteen Kairos weekend retreats being conducted at men’s facilities throughout the United States that same weekend, or the five events being conducted in Women’s facilities that weekend, or the one Kairos Outside retreat being held for the female family and loved ones of incarcerated men.

You choose your way and spend time in prayer for this event and the follow on lives of these men and their families.

The team wishes each of you could experience the weekend and feel the powerful presence of God as modern day miracles take place. This is that same “mountain top” experience that many of you have had at retreats, revivals and services during your Christian walk. The only difference is that the Kairos experience is “on steroids” just by the very nature of the people it reaches.

and we thank you for your support!
"I was in prison and you came to visit me." Matthew 25:36
For more information about the ministry you can visit the Kairos site