Exploring Scripture

Exploring Scripture is an experiential Bible study class that invites attendees to engage scripture in new ways. Many Bible Studies focus on information to help us understand. We will focus on formation that allows the text to form us (and hopefully, transform us.) The weekly Thursday class will primarily practice lectio divina, an ancient spiritual practice that allows us to experience scripture as God’s living Word. Latin for “divine or sacred reading,” lectio divina helps us interact with scripture through quiet reflection and listening for God’s leading.

If you are not able to attend the class, you may practice on your own.
If you are new to lectio divina, click here for instructions.

Pastor Kristie’s Weekly Reflections will appear here as links

Last year, we thought it was important to create a reflection that was similar to Sunday’s sermon in order to create depth and connection since we were isolated most of the year. This year, Pastor Kristie’s weekly reflection will take a different form, which will be focused on one-word (to coincide with the one-word check-in podcast). This idea is to illustrate the lectio divina practice that listens for a word, phrase, or image that draws your attention. It also shows that God can speak to us differently through the same scripture. Sunday’s preacher may be led in a different direction for Sunday’s message. Likewise, the Spirit may give you a different word that is pertinent to your life. We hope these reflections encourage fruitful dialogue and spur spiritual growth. If you have questions, please contact Pastor Kristie (kristie@foothillsumc.org).

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WEEK 16: Midst
WEEK 15: Become
WEEK 14: Expectation
WEEK 13: Homage
WEEK 12: Strips of Cloth
WEEK 11: They
WEEK10: Greeting
WEEK 9: Favored One
WEEK 8: Sanctuary
WEEK 7: Women in the Neighborhood
WEEK 6: Turn Back
WEEK 5: Dwell
WEEK 4: Treasure
WEEK 3: Fire and Water

WEEK 2: Blind

WEEK 1: Secret