Reaching Out to the Community

Foothills United Methodist Church is a community in Christ:
loving, growing, reaching out to the world.
If any of the below ministries speak to you, please contact us to get involved.

Rides to Church
ride-share-strip.jpgLove your neighbor! In light of Valentine’s Day and wanting to share our love, we will be kicking off a new program: RIDES TO CHURCH. You will all be given the opportunity to love your neighbor by volunteering to provide a ride to church once a month (or more, or as a substitute) for a person who is unable to come to worship any other way. If you just can’t wait until the kick-off date to volunteer, contact Sue Rand and she will add your name to the list. There’s possibly someone right in your neighborhood who would benefit greatly from being able to attend one of our Sunday morning worship services!

El Nido
el-nido-strip.jpgEl Nido is a transitional living situation for women and their children who have fled a domestic violence situation and found themselves homeless. The people behind El Nido bring the families in and put them through a one-year long program that teaches them everything they need to get back on their feet and be a self-sustaining family unit once again. When a family moves in, different churches voluntarily furnish the apartments with everything the family needs, from silverware to couches. When the family leaves, they get to take these things that have made their home for the last year, with them to their new living situation. Foothills is proud to sponsor an apartment in this building and to provide all of the apartments with Christmas trees, decorations and gifts every year.

Foothills Reconciling Fellowship reconciling-strip.jpg The Reconciling Fellowship is committed to working for full inclusion of every person in the life of Foothills UMC especially in regard to gender identity and sexual orientation. The group meets irregularly and puts on semi-regular special events on the Foothills campus and in the community.

Rummage Sale rummage-sale-strip-2016.jpg Foothills' twice yearly rummage sales are the most successful fundraisers that we run. These community events consistently raise thousands of dollars to support ministries and missions of this church and draw hundreds of new people through our doors who shop and experience Foothills' hospitality. What better reason to do a little de-cluttering in your own home and make a donation to the next Rummage Sale?

Project Moses
project-moses-strip.jpgThe Project Moses group creates baby bassinets for families in need out of simple materials.
Join them in the Disciple Room on 1/13 at 9:30 am to cut and prep the materials used to make these vital care tools.

Foothills provides infant bassinets for families who lack a crib, reducing chances of infant role-over deaths. Donations of fabric and laundry baskets are taken by volunteers who create beautiful and safe bassinets for new families identified by local hospitals. The group also provides books for babies that have been donated and added to this gift of life for newborns.

meals-on-wheels-strip.jpgYour help is needed as a driver for the Meals on Wheels El Cajon route. Foothills staffs all the drivers for this route and we are in need of more volunteers. It only takes about 1.5 hours to deliver the meals and sometimes the driver may be the only person that the recipient sees all day. So it's much more than just delivering meals. This is a very satisfying volunteer ministry of our church that has been running for 25 years.
Please call Bob Harless to sign up (619) 654 3465.

Meals on Wheels' service to the seniors in our community is never ending. We appreciate so very much our dedicated FUMC volunteers who participate in this important program. Foothills sponsors two 'routes' that go through different parts of our area of East County. The commitment is small, but the rewards are great. Please consider if you are able to help deliver meals, schedule routes or aide those who are homebound. 

Prayer Quilt Ministry
pqm-strip.jpg The Prayer Quilt Ministry (PQM) is a vital outreach ministry of Foothills UMC. We believe in the healing power of prayer and provide tangible evidence of our prayers in action to those in need in our extended congregation through the giving of prayer quilts. Each one is lovingly and meticulously made by our quilters with loose strings sewn into the fabric throughout. When a prayer need arises, the quilt is designated for the person in need, blessed in church on Sunday morning and left in the narthex for those in attendance to say a prayer over them and tie a knot in those loose strings. It is then delivered to the person in need, for them to have as a source of power and strength through the many prayers that it is imbued with. For more information, visit their web page.

Foothills Meals Ministry
meals-ministry-strip.jpg The Foothills Pastoral Care Team works through the Meal Ministry Steering Committee and individual volunteers and groups to provide meals to our Foothills family who have a temporary need on occasions such as illness, recovering from surgery, suffering a loss, or the birth of a baby. Through the Lord’s guidance, caring volunteers bring joy and comfort through nourishment of these ‘special meals’. The body is fed and so is the soul. Volunteers are needed to coordinate, cook and deliver.

You can help us to care for our Foothills family by furnishing all or part of a meal or working through a group or committee. Sign up or get more info by calling Shirley Mellien at 465-6740 or Marian Folkner at 670-5971.