How to Make a Christmas Stocking for a Soldier


  • Purchase (or make) a stocking and fill it with food or entertainment items.
  • Stocking should be no longer than 20 inches from top to toe.
  • Please, no oversized stockings
  • Staple or sew the stocking on the top so the contents are secure
  • label them for male or female

Return the stockings to the church. There will be drop boxes on the patio on Sunday or you can drop them off at the office during the week. Please have the stockings in on Sunday, November 22nd OR to the office no later than Noon on Monday November 23rd.


  • Baby Wipes (Portable size)
  • Batteries – AAA / AA.
  • Quart & gallon Zip-Lock bags.
  • Beef Jerky, tuna packets, cracker packets.
  • Dried fruit, granola bars, protein bars.
  • Individual powdered drink mixes
  • Small electronic pocket games, football / poker
  • Small flashlights, books, puzzles, cards, games
  • Foot powder, Lip Balm/Chapstick, dental floss
  • Neosporin, eye drops, cough drops, multi-vitamins
  • Tylenol, Motrin, toothbrushes
  • DVDs, CDs, pens (black ink), mechanical pencils
  • ITunes gift cards, please no phone cards
  • Hard candy, taffy, Life Savers, M&Ms, jolly ranchers
  • Ear plugs, Eye covers to be able to sleep
  • Shampoo / Conditioner
  • Body butter and Hand Lotion
  • Feminine Hygiene and Beauty products


Please, NO homemade food items. NO aerosols or combustible items.  Liquids and toiletries must meet FAA travel regulations: 3 oz or less for carry-on to aircraft. NO nail clippers, scissors, razors, butane lighters, or any other sharp objects are allowed.