Youth Programs

FUMY Kick Off
The new school year is underway!
It never went away, but the endless fun of the summer is over and the over-joyous fun of the school year returns! FUMY (Foothills United Methodist Youth group) takes place every Sunday from 4 pm to 6 pm, beginning this Sunday 9/19. A parent's welcome meeting is also planned for 4:00 pm, for anyone interested in hearing from director Sharon Russo on all the amazing things she has planned, how she cares for the youth. youth@foothillsumc.org

FUMY \fümē\ n.-
An acronym for the Foothills United Methodist Youth program
   "What programs does FUMY offer?"
2: A nickname for our weekly youth group meeting.
   "FUMY is on Sunday nights from 4:00 - 6:00 pm in the Youth Center."

Foothills United Methodist Youth (FUMY)
FUMY is a youth fellowship group for 6th-12th grade students. We meet weekly in the Youth Center every Sunday evening from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. We are guided in discussions and activities that help us grow in our spiritual journey, as well as guide us in good decision making. Our hope is to create an all-inclusive fellowship group that relies on each other and God for support and care. We are also a group that ​encourages using the blessings that God offers us.


Events and Opportunities

A church service that was created just for the youth on the first Sunday of every month from October through May at 6pm in the Sanctuary. Teens lives are busy and it’s hard to keep their faith a priority. It’s hard to get to church and youth group weekly. Reset is a verb meaning to do again or do differently. So, this service was created just for them to have a time, a moment, once a month to be able to press reset.

Days and Nights at the Beach (DABs and DAB/NABs)
Summer is a time for youth.  That means weekly trips to La Jolla Shores for sun, waves, volleyball, BBQs, friends, faith and bonfires. Every Thursday, during the summer, the youth meet at Foothills at 9am and carpool down to the shores. They return together to be picked up from the church at 4:00pm, after a day of enjoying the San Diego sun. On the first and last Thursdays of the summer, the youth will spend all day and night together at the shores, meeting as usual at 9am and return at 9pm, after dinner and a bonfire. During regular DABs, the youth are encouraged to bring their own lunch, or to go together to the nearby shops for burgers or sandwiches. All youth entering 6th grade to recently graduated seniors are invited to attend.


A class for 8th graders who are pursuing a better understanding of what it means to be a United Methodist. The class runs for 6 months from January to June and students are then offered the choice to join the church.

Summer Camp
All youth are invited to our district wide summer camp located in the beautiful mountains of Julian at Camp Cedar Glen! This is a week long overnight camp where campers build community while challenging and strengthening their faith. Both junior and senior high have their own week for camp taking place in mid July. This is a great place to get started in your faith journey and the event that many of the ​youth look forward to all year.

Big Bear Ski Trip
Every winter we take a trip up to big bear to stay at the local Methodist church. We leave Friday night, Ski/Snowboard/Tube all day Saturday, and then return on Sunday afternoon. This is a great time to build and grow friendships while having fun in the snow! If you're not a skier or snowboarder, the tubing option is a lot of fun and there are always lots of youth taking part, so be sure and sign up!

Christmas Tree Project
Before Christmas every year, youth are called to help deliver Christmas trees to El Nido. El Nido is a transitional home for families escaping from a life of domestic violence. Upon arrival the youth group interacts and gets to know the families and kids through decorating and giving of gifts to all the children living in the home. The night ends with singing Christmas carols along with the families.

Thanksgiving Food Drive
In the month of November youth work together to collect food from the neighborhoods surrounding our church. The food is then donated to the Good Neighbor Center to help fill their food bank stores and feed families in need during the holiday season.

30 Hour Famine
​8th through 12th grade students are invited once a year to spend thirty hours fasting together. This helps build understanding of what it feels like to be hungry while raising money for and awareness of those who may not have the same food resources that most of us are entitled to every day.

Throughout the year youth are invited to have fun through events like broom-ball, bowling and game nights. Overnighters are sometimes a fun way to get to know youth from all over the southern California district, or get better acquainted with youth from Foothills and always a great time.

For more information on Youth Programs contact our youth director,
or call the church office at 619-670-4009