An Act of Love

An Act of Love

By: Chris Buckel

Last year, I attended a screening of the film An Act of Love at Chula Vista United Methodist Church. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I did know it was about a pastor who got into deep trouble for officiating a same-sex marriage for his gay son. It was a compelling story that followed the trials and tribulations of Rev. Frank Schaefer as he was literally put on trial by the church and defrocked. It is a documentary that takes viewers through the conflict, with interviews from people on both sides of the issue. The pastor stands up for what he believes is right and just and is eventually re-instated.

Although the movie was very moving and well done (and award winning), the discussion and Q&A session that followed the film was even more moving and educational. Rev. Schaefer is very well-spoken and compassionate and answered all questions with what seemed to me to be a very loving heart.. One guest in particular shared a very touching and sad story about his own gay son. He was brought up in the church but was very alienated when he came out as a teenager and left the church and had now become very lonely and even suicidal. How sad to not have a sanctuary and a church family and a place to worship God. I feel so blessed and proud to be a member of such an open and affirming community like we have here at Foothills.

A screening of the film An Act of Love with a Q&A with Rev. Frank Schaefer will take place at Foothills UMC in the sanctuary on Friday 2/24 at 7 pm.

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