What Happens at Foothills, Does Not Stay at Foothills

What Happens at Foothills, Does Not Stay at Foothills

By: Raymond Swavely

I have been to a few other Methodist Churches throughout the past year to talk with them about young adult ministries. I was at First Church in the Valley (where I previously attended ) a few months ago and ran into one of the ladies who helps run things over there. As soon as I saw her she said, "What is Foothills up to NOW?" I looked at her and said "What do you mean." She replied "You guys are always up to something!" It dawned on me she was right, Foothills is always up to something. Foothills is always active in the local community helping one way or another. But did you know that Foothills is a leader in the district youth and young adults? The district youth director and Leader of the summer camps at Cedar Glen are here at Foothills. Also our young adult leader is a motivating force for East County young adults and district young adults. Most of our young adults are camp counselors at Camp Ceder Glen, along with many of our youth who are also camp counselors. Our young adults and youth always show a presence at district events. It is the undying support and guidance of the members of Foothills that makes this all possible. I always admired that lady at First Church in the Valley. She always new what was what. And she was right this time too.


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