Time To Preach

Time To Preach

By: Steve Hable

Last month I had the honor of preaching for Laity Sunday. Our Scripture for that day was from the Apostle Paul’s letter to Timothy. In his letter, Paul encourages Timothy to “preach the word!” In my sermon we concluded that the letter from Paul applies to all Christians. For many of us, we are not sure we have the opportunity to bring the light and life of Christ to others. As we approach the Season of Advent, I assure you that all of us will have the opportunity to preach.

bible-haze.jpgPreaching is just standing at the pulpit and addressing the congregation. It is encouraging others to join with you in experiencing the comfort that we all have from God’s grace through our faith in Christ. One easy way to “preach” to others is invite them to attend the Christmas Concert on Saturday, December 12. The Chancel Choir, accompanied by an orchestra, will present two concerts that day at 5 PM and 7 PM. Our praise and worship group Witness, will also be an integral part of the program. It is a perfect opportunity to introduce other members of your family, neighbors, co-workers and friends to the joy of the birth of our Lord. It permits you to share with them the message the music brings and your commitment to our ministry.

This time of the year, we always see an increase in attendance at church. Sometimes it is family in from out-of-town, but in many cases it is family and friends that only attend a couple of times a year. We know the “seed” has been planted in their minds and hearts because they feel compelled to attend services during Christmas. It is a perfect occasion let them know how wonderful it is to be in worship and service all year. You can talk about your own experiences, mention any of the wonderful areas of ministry they can participate in and the love and support they will receive by coming here more often.

Seize the day and preach!

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