We Can Do This

We Can Do This

By: Steve Hable

I am sure most of you have seen the letter from Pastor Eric about the fundraiser for the sanctuary beams and the repairs to the Zerbe Building. I also imagine the major questions you have are (1) why weren’t repairs done earlier and (2) what are the chances of raising the money.

The beams, which do NOT support the roofing structure, were maintained. Several years ago the Trustees contracted with a local company to apply a seal coating to the beams. The company provided a “lifetime guarantee.” A few years later, the protective material failed and the Trustees attempted to file a claim on the guarantee. Despite checking the background and licensing of the company, the Trustees discovered the contractor had gone out of business long before a claim could be filed. When we began to plan for an alternative to repair the beams in 2008, the Great Recession emerged. Donations to Foothills fell by over $150,000 in 2009. The Finance, Staff Parish Relations and Board of Trustees formulated plans for Foothills to survive economically. Expenses were reduced, staff salaries were frozen and we reduced the number of clergy from 3 to 2. Repairs, including the beams, were put on hold until our financial situation improved. Today, we have now reached a point of operational stability thanks to your continuous financial support.

Without a doubt, $200,000 is a significant amount of money. You have supported your church in the past for special capital campaigns. A few years ago, it was a new roof for the sanctuary. Even more significantly was the capital campaign for remodeling the Zerbe Building and building the Memorial Garden. Your generosity resulted in raising over $1 million without compromise to annual pledges. That was the result of hard work and commitment by everyone in the congregation.

You’ve seen the beams. Replacement is the best option. We have been successful in the past and I believe we can do this again. Please join us in raising the necessary funds. See you on campus.

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