Campus Happenings

Campus Happenings

By: Kathy Morrison

Sunday, April 26th was the latest and greatest Administrative Council meeting and a great dinner thanks to Charlie and Barbara Roach. The Board of Trustees (BOT) was asked to be the focus of the meeting and we presented a power point presentation to tell the state of the campus. First we reminded everyone just how big of a campus we all enjoy and are responsible for. The Otay Water District sewer line project was briefly mentioned. They are currently working on broken irrigation lines and that is why the campus is looking so dry. The Otay Water District is delivering water trucks every other day until the irrigation system is repaired.

The two major focus points were:
(1) The Faith Academy Infant Care Center would like to increase infant enrollment by 6 infants – this will create a streamline flow of infants into the 2 year old classroom and guarantee parents that their children can remain at Foothills as they age. Issues to doing this are that the Infant Care Center will need to increase its foot print by 250 square feet – if you have any ideas please let the BOT know. This idea is only in its first steps. We are looking at current space areas, whether we can make this work and what the benefits may be (we can provide anyone interested with a written report upon request).

(2) The state of the gray beams that extend from the edge of the sanctuary. Eric Naslund and Russ and Robin Tsuchida presented two options which will be looked into further in the next couple of months. At the meeting, people were asked to provide their thoughts and what they would/could do to help us move forward. 31 people responded favorably to moving forward with Eric Naslund, Russ and Robin’s vision and most offered financial support and/or labor. Thank you to everyone who gave us input.

The BOT meets every third Tuesday of each month, usually in the Conference Room and all are invited to sit in and follow both of these major focus points as we move forward.

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