April Campus Happenings

April Campus Happenings

By: Kathy Morrison

Greetings and the peace of the Lord to you and yours from your Board of Trustees.

Can you believe that it was at the April 2015 Administrative Council Meeting when Eric Naslund, Robin and Russ Tsuchida, and your Board of Trustees made a presentation about the state of the sanctuary beams? At that time you gave us your blessing to move forward with the project. So what has happened in the past year and what are the plans for moving forward?

Eric Naslund graciously offered to develop all the necessary drawings and plans as his gift to the church. This allowed us to contract with the recommended estimator that would provide us with a cost analysis. The estimator’s job is to narrow down the costs so that when the project goes out to bid the church has some idea of what the project proposals should come in at and what funds need to be raised to complete the project. Our resident architects contacted an estimator that they have used in the past. Eric Naslund met with him on site with the drawings and plans and we are now waiting for his report. During the past several months the beam project has been on the top of the Finance Committees’ agenda, just waiting for the estimator’s report, with a committee start date of April 2016. In the meantime, another section of beams fell, which were removed for safety reasons. Other sections are being looked at to see if we can shore them up before they too start to fall. Safety for the congregation, staff, and public is the Board of Trustees’ first and highest priority.

Along with the sanctuary beams, the Faith Academy’s upper level play area (deck and porch) and the bridge that crosses from the sanctuary to the Infant Care Center will be remodeled at the same time as the sanctuary beam repairs. This will maintain the aesthetics throughout the campus.
We look forward to your suggestions and comments as these projects move forward.

Another area of concern is our two rental properties, especially the Avocado rental. We need you to start praying about this property and the direction the church should take with regards to it. Here are some facts to help along this journey. The property is in dire need of repairs, including a new roof ($20,000.00 to $30,000.00 depending on damages) on the house and garage. The 4101 Avocado property was purchased prior to the recession. This property has held many ideas, dreams, and possibilities for Foothills. Unfortunately those ideas, dreams, and possibilities are no closer to becoming a reality than when the property was originally purchased. Approximately 25% of the net income for the property in 2015 went to repairs and this amount does not cover what our volunteers have donated in the time and supplies. The rent is within the average for the property in this area and for its current condition. The house is old and the property itself needs much attention.

Please pray about these issues and let anyone of us that serve on the Board of Trustees know your thoughts: Chris Buckel, Bob Harless, Bob Glass, Madi Russo, Kevin Rausis, Sherrie Rosenberger, Diana Steinert, Joan Sturgeon, or Kathy Morrison.
Peace and blessing to all, and thank you for allowing us to serve our church.

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