Campus Happenings: December Edition

Campus Happenings: December Edition

By: Kathy Morrison

Your Board of Trustees (BOT) ended a very busy 2015. A lot happened in 2015 around the church campus and our two rental properties. The one that most of you are aware of is the remodeling and new flooring in the King Hall Connection Center. It is something that the BOT hopes all of you have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy for many years to come. This project wouldn’t have happened without your help! The campus trees were trimmed and some removed with the tree mulch being spread around the campus; a section of the upper parking lot parkway was transformed to be “drought tolerant,” thanks to an Eagle Scout project. To help cut utility costs, new LED lighting was installed in the preschool buildings, church offices, and King Hall Connection Center. The church now has campus-wide Wi-Fi availability. The King Hall Connection Memorial Garden got a beautiful new look along with a water conservation makeover and water draining issues were resolved. Additionally, the Faith Academy’s Infant Care Center and Upper Zerbe kitchen has had new flooring installed over the Christmas break. This just lists a few of the completed projects.

Let me take a moment to thank your board members for their dedication, generosity, expertise, time, and so much more. “Thank you” Gene Pivero, Bob Glass, Diane Bernal, Kevin Rausis, Joan Sturgeon, Bob Harless, Madi Russo, and Diana Steinert. Two of our members, Gene and Diane, have met their commitment on the BOT and will roll off at the end of 2015. Please join me in thanking them for everything they have done to provide oversight and improvements of our Foothills campus.

The BOT will start 2016 with our running shoes on and laced up. We are excited to welcome two new and dedicated people, Chris Buckle and Sherri Rosenberger, who will be joining us in 2016. Your BOT is looking forward and ready to move forward with not just keeping the campus looking great, but moving us into a more efficient, effective, and appealing campus. We are looking at solar opportunities, replacement of the sanctuary beams, roofing issues, drought tolerant plants, etc.

Can you help? Of course! Look for future updates and we will let you know what we need, when we need it, and how you can help!

Peace and all good things to you,
Kathy Morrison, Chairperson

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