Campus Happenings: October Edition

Campus Happenings: October Edition

By: Kathy Morrison, Board Chair

Why did the King Hall Connection Center and Conference Room flooring need to be replaced and abated? We all know that the carpet needed to be replaced because of years of wear and tear. The need for abatement was recognized when the contractors pulled up carpet at a couple of corners and noticed that the asbestos tiles under the carpet were cracked and or broken. This meant that the asbestos tiles under the old carpet had to be removed and abated, as they were tested and found to be hazardous materials. This was a high priority project for the Board of Trustees to protect our members, children, staff, and visitors. Thank you to those who helped fund this project with their time and money, and if you would like, there is still time to help.You need to know that our church buildings and equipment are getting to an age when we are actually behind in planning for repairs and replacement. You may have noticed that our Sanctuary beams are in need of major repair, but that is only one of the major items that need our attention. Your Board of Trustee’s is working hard to develop a plan that will address these issues so that you can help us tend the physical needs of our church home.

The Board is looking at several ways to help Foothills be more responsible with the limited resources that we have.

  • The Faith Academy: we are looking at converting to LED lighting, using SDG&E’s rebate program to pay for the majority of the retro fitting, which will save money on our electrical bill
  • Going Solar for our electrical use is being researched
  • Green landscape, working within the California State and City regulations to help conserve water and still provide a beautiful campus for us to share
  • Irrigation being directed only to the most critical areas of our campus, such as our trees and shrubs, because of the value they give back to the environment.

How can you help?

  • Close doors when the Air Conditioning is on
  • Turn off lights when you leave a room or area
  • Know that the Air Conditioning units are set for a comfortable temperature so please to Do Not change the settings
  • Recycle on campus, look for and use our recycle ​bins
  • Let the office staff know when you see lights out, water running, etc.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, thank you, we really do need all of us to work together!

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