Campus Happenings: September Edition

Campus Happenings: September Edition

By: Kathy Morrison

Summer is over and most of the work in the King Hall Connection Center and the conference room has been completed. Your Board of Trustees’ (BOT) wants to thank all of you for your patience during this process. A special thank you to those who lent a helping hand and to those of you who gave so generously financially, we were able to reach our goal. We hope you are happy with the final project. One special addition is the newly improved Bentley Memorial Garden, which has been transformed into a peaceful conservation garden.

Speaking of conservation, many of you have asked about the campus looking so brown. It is true; our lawn is getting a California tan. Many of you are aware that the irrigation system is on well water. What you may not be aware of is that it takes 14 hours to water the entire campus, yes 14 hours and that is a lot of water. Unfortunately, the drought has lowered the amount of water coming from the natural spring that fills our well and therefore, there is not enough water in the well to water the entire campus. We are talking to our Landscaper, Greg Weiland, about ways to change the irrigation system ensuring that we can keep the trees and major shrubs alive during this time. Simply put the campus looks like we are being good stewards with our water, which most Californians can understand and hopefully applaud. The BOT is also looking at ways to change our entire landscape footprint. Diane Bernal has contacted a company called Plant Native who will be making a presentation at our October 20th meeting at 7:15 pm. Join us if you can to hear what they have to say and ask questions.

Your BOT thanks you again for your support, ideas, and allowing us to serve the Foothills Community.

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