Common Ground: A Living Faith

Common Ground: A Living Faith

cground2015.jpgBy: Ellen Bertlesen

“Hey, John!” I shouted to our fearless leader, Mr. Parsons as he stood on his roof surveying its needed attention.
"Well hello, Ellen. How’s it going?” he casually replied.
“Wow, I just picked up the gift tags for my school and the number of kids needing Christmas gifts this year has doubled! How are we going to handle this? What if I can’t get enough people to sign up and take care of all these children?” I was slowly getting myself into a high gear panic.
As I looked up at John with my hands on my hips, John flashed that ever present smile and said in a calm and confident voice, “It will all come together. It always does.”

What could I say to this? So gathering myself back to an almost normal range of emotions, I said that I was going to go to a couple of the small groups at church to hopefully get some volunteers to take on these precious needs. John, as one who always pitches in on all our activities, said he, too, would ask for volunteers at his small (big) group.

This happened on Monday. By Friday of the same week all 21 children had someone shopping and providing them with Christmas joy. Naturally, I was elated and relieved. But something else struck me even more, John’s faith. You see John believes and trusts in God’s help, wisdom, and love. I, on the other hand, did not turn to that unseen faith; I had turned to myself and felt hopeless.

This Christmas I am grateful. I am thankful for John and all those who help Common Ground touch so many young hearts in so many ways. Most of all, I am humbled by our God who has shown me again and again in my life that He is always with me. He is always with us. This is who to turn to first everyday, each and every moment. Faith is living a life of belief in the seen and the unseen. It’s the best gift out there. Merry Christmas!

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