Chili Cookoff Wrapup

Chili Cookoff Wrapup

By: JoDee Rich

To all my Foothills family!

Let me start out by saying how truly blessed I am to have ​all of your support for our first annual chili cook-off. It was a great success. Let me thank Pastor Greg, Dan Batson and family, for helping get us to the finish line. Also, a big thanks to Carlos and Spencer, who got us going and set up the room. I couldn't have done it without the girls in the office: Linda Cree, Sue Ranck, Marge Woods and Lisa Stewart. I was also blessed to have the backing of the Reconciling Committee, Sharon Russo and the United Methodist Women, who made wonderful cornbread muffins. Let me also thank my judges; Tammy Stiles, Bob Glass, Ernie Orosco and John Parsons. My helpers; Marianne Folkner, Beth Ott and Alice Broadhurst.

Congratulations to the winners!
1. Chris Buckel - Best vegetarian chili
2. Dick Mellien - Best chili with heat
3. Shirley Mellien - Best most imaginative chili
4. Larry Skeels - Best original chili
Dick Mellien took home the overall 1st place best chili trophy!

In closing, let me say how truly happy I am with my Foothills family that so many of you actually came to the event. There are always concerns after putting in so much effort to make something happen, but we had so much fun that night, it warmed my heart more than I can ever express. There wasn't one bowl of chili left at the end of the event!

I hope you will all join me again next year as I have been asked to do the cook-off again. Together we will make it three times bigger and better than this year because Foothills, I feel, is a family that brings us all together. What you've shown me will forever be etched in my heart. My love and deepest gratitude to you all.

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