Making Christ Relevant

Making Christ Relevant

bBy: Steve Hable

Easter always reminds us of the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made for us. It also prompts us to recall the message of His ministry. Specifically, we need to follow the greatest commandment of loving our Lord our God with all of our heart, mind, strength and soul. And the second part, to love our neighbor as ourselves. Too often we view passages of the Bible as history lessons that have little practicality to living in the 21st century. I have recently witnessed the relevance of Christ in our time.

During Lent, we have been blessed with Scripture Live. Kudos go out to the director, Karen Smith and the other volunteers for these presentations. These live presentations of the Scripture bring new perspective of the message. The words on the pages of the Bible have been lifted to life and we are now witnesses to Jesus’ ministry. I thought these presentations were very motivational in bringing the lessons to our world.

Pastor Eric, John Cooney, Jay Harren and I recently completed another Kairos weekend retreat. Each inmate has a different life story. They are of different generations, races and education backgrounds. Generally what they have in common is a lack of self-respect, of feeling love and being loved. After the Kairos weekend, we observe changes in many of the men that last a lifetime. Bringing the love and hope Christ makes Himself relevant to the inmate’s daily life regardless of the amount of time remaining in their incarceration. Thank you for your prayers of support and cookies!

We are called as Christians to make Jesus relevant to our world. Take the time to read again, Mathew, Chapter 25: 34-46. Jesus calls us to serve others. It is through our service as well as our witness that we make Jesus relevant to the 21st century. Find your passion and volunteer. Please let me know what you choose for your service to our Lord.

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