Cleric's Column - A Whirlwind Summer

Cleric's Column - A Whirlwind Summer

By: Pastor Eric Smith

Greetings Foothills family and friends!
I am pleased to share with you that Karen and I bought a house. Well, you might say we took on a mortgage. But we are very happy. After three years serving Foothills we feel like this is home and right where we want to be for a long time. Karen says that if the Bishop moves me (which we do not expect) I can come home to visit her during the week – she is not moving anymore! Our new home is located about a mile away from Foothills, in the Avocado Village area. We are all moved in; you might say that we are boxed in.

As we march off into the summer there are several items to share…
The Beam Team wants you to share the Beam Dream! We are launching our Sponsor a Beam fund drive to repair the sanctuary building. Take a look and you can see that we have problems with the beams. All of the research and preparation has taken place – we know what we need to do. Future construction expense is always an estimate – but the best guess of our professionals is that the cost will be about $200,000. How many beams will you sponsor? Our very first sponsorship was for 25! We’re on our way.

The Annual Conference meets next week. Attending from Foothills will be Pastors Eric and Jeanette, Sheri Etter, Sylina Kidd, Denise Serino, Steve Hable, and Karen Smith. We expect to have a report from our leaders about the General Conference, which was held during May in Portland, so that we can bring that information back with us to Foothills.

After the Annual Conference I will be home for a day to pack my bags and then fly to Auckland where I will meet my sister, Kelly. Kelly and I will then fly to Fiji and join up with our Fiji Mission Team. The team will be working at the Davuilevu Theological College (try to pronounce that one!) where our missionaries, Dr. Wes and Jerusha Neal serve. Our team will be there for two weeks. The team’s report to the congregation will take place in worship on July 17.

It’s a traveling summer for me this year. After Fiji I will be at Foothills for three weeks and then Karen and I fly to Norway. Our son, Christopher, is marrying his beloved Louise. Louise is from the island of Vigra (in Norway), where their wedding will take place. Karen and I will experience Norway for two weeks and then return home.

We’ll be back just in time to welcome our new Director of Music, Dennis Keller, and his spouse, Jin Mei, to Foothills. We’re all looking forward to the arrival of the Kellers. Dennis assumes his new position with Foothills on August 15.

August worship at Foothills will be new and different. During August and the first Sunday of September, Foothills will have just one worship celebration on Sunday mornings, at 9:30 am. The service will be neither the traditional style of the 8:30 celebration, nor the contemporary style of the 10:30 celebration. The worship celebrations during August will be different each week with acoustic music and vocal ensembles. Each week following the worship celebration will be a variety of gatherings: a salad potluck and share the produce from your garden event, a brunch with a talk and book signing by our own Hillary and Jeff Whittington (Hillary is the author of Raising Ryland). Another day we will have a peanut butter and jelly party as Foothills prepares sandwiches for distribution to the homeless of San Diego. Included will be our Celebration of Ministry Sunday when we put the missions and ministries of Foothills on display (and have a bar-b-que lunch to go with them).

So, before I fly away, I’ll be preaching at Foothills on Father’s Day and we’ll kick off the Liturgical Season of Aloha!

Pastor Eric Smith

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