The Donut Lady

The Donut Lady

By: The Donut Man (Raymond Swavely)

It's Sunday morning and I'm driving to Christy's Donuts on Washington and Jamacha like I do every Sunday morning. As I arrive, I notice what seems to be a pile of rags on the corner of the street and wonder who would have left them there. I go in and pick up the donuts that will help gather the congregation in fellowship on the patio after services and on my way out I see a man walking over to the pile of rags. Surprisingly, out of that little pile, pops a 70-ish year-old elderly woman. The man gives her a bag, wishes her well and leaves. I load the donuts into my car and get ready to leave. The elderly woman doesn't look at me, but just stares at the ground. I turned off the car, put three donuts in a bag and went to give them to her and to wish her well. She smiled, showing her one tooth and nodded her head.

The next week when I drove up, I saw the same scene, what looked like a pile of rags was there. I picked up the church's donuts, but I also got a cup of coffee and a ham and cheese croissant. I put them in a bag along with two donuts and gave them to the elderly woman. She looked up smiled and nodded her head.

Providing donuts on the patio not only provides a service for the congregation, but has helped raise funds for the youth, young adults, La Roca and family camp. Now, when you put your donation in the basket on Sunday mornings at the donut table, you can rest assured that an elderly woman will get to ​have a coffee, a ham and cheese croissant and a few donuts while you are enjoying your donut.

UPDATE: It is Sunday morning and I am enjoying my usual drive to the donut shop. I wonder if the donut lady will be there. As I approach, I see her sitting among the pile of rags she calls home. She has no sign displayed and asks for nothing. She avoids eye contact and mostly looks down. As I walk into the donut shop she does not look up , just peers at the ground tearing paper into little pieces. I make my purchases, load the donuts in my car and get her bag of 3 donuts, large coffee and ham and cheese croissant sandwich ready. I then remembered that I had eye drops, lip-balm, mints, candy and some fruit in the car. I put all of those in another bag to give to her. It's funny how the things I take for granted would probably be essential to her. Imagine having some lip-balm after sitting out in the hot sun all day. I take the two bags over to her and she looks up smiles that one tooth smile , then holds the coffee in her hands to warm them. I nod my head and smile, and continue the delivery of the donuts. If you have any skin care, dental , or make up products you would like me to provide to The Donut Lady, please leave them at the donut table.

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