The Donut Lady: Part 3

The Donut Lady: Part 3

By: Raymond Swavely (the donut man)

It is Sunday morning, and I am running late. For some reason I feel like I am late for work. I am wondering if she will be there this morning. It has been hit and miss with The Donut Lady being there. Sometimes there , sometimes not. But things have changed. She is now a lady on the move. Her area is now well kept and clean. We have eye contact and she is always smiling with an occasional good morning. I have come in from a different way sometimes and I see her standing, looking with anticipation. I do not know if it is the donuts, hamburgers ( she loves hamburgers) coffee and other articles brought or just knowing something is dependable in her life. But things have changed.

As I arrive , she is not there today. I go in and order donuts. Out of the corner of my eye, I catch a glimpse of her by the door. She looks distraught and worried. I go and tell her I will be out shortly. I load the donuts and bring her the items I have. She informs me a police officer came by and took most of her stuff and told her not to be seen there any more. She looks up at me frightened and afraid , saying most of her stuff was gone, what was she to do? I asked her if she had any family. She said yes, a son who lived in Rancho San Diego. I asked her if she knew how to contact him, she said yes, but then just looked down. I asked her if she knew how to contact Father Joe's and the Senior Center, she said yes, then looked down. She then look up at me and said, 'but what shall I do?' She kept repeating it methodically. I closed my eyes and asked for guidance. SURVIVE. I looked at Erma and said 'You Must Survive.' She looked at me with a puzzled look, then looked down at the ground. Then she looked up at me with that big one tooth grin and said, 'YES I WILL DO THIS. I WILL SURVIVE.' I have seen Erma after this encounter and she has always greets me with that big one tooth smile.
The End,  or should I say 'SURVIVE ERMA!'

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