From Pastor Eric

From Pastor Eric

By: Pastor Eric Smith

Dear Foothills,
Karen and I want to express our deep gratitude to you for the compassion, kindness, and grace which you have extended to us throughout this time of transition. We love you.

Thank you for the support you have offered us through every aspect of this move.

Thank you for the many cards and letters – we have been touched through the beauty of your words.

Thank you for the personal moments that you have taken to stop and share your heart with both of us.

Thank you for a magnificent sendoff Sunday; you made us feel loved, adored, and valued. We feel all of that for you, too.

Thank you for a big cash gift! We can get to Paris to see our soon-to-be-born granddaughter more than once (in style), because of your love gift. We will be traveling to see her for the first time in the fall.

It’s been too short a time together – but that’s what we were given. We thank God for you. We wish you blessings and prosperity as you become all that God intends both as individuals and as the blessed community of faith.

Fare well...

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