By: Chris Buckel

Sometimes I have a tendency to overthink things.
What if “this” happens?
What if I can’t do “that?”
What if “it” is too ____?
I’m working on it…

Especially when it comes to my Faith Journey. I didn’t even know I was on one until recently. I didn’t grow up in the church. In fact, Foothills is my 1st. When I first started coming I had so many questions. What do I say when taking communion? Who are all these people in the Bible?? How do I Pray???
I felt like an infant.

I am one in many ways when it comes to being a Christian. I used to really feel bad about that at first. I didn’t know ANYTHING! I felt self-conscious about it. But I now realize that those feelings are self-imposed… Guess what? No one cares!

Foothills is such a loving place. Our members are so kind. Our Pastors are so caring. Our youth are amazing…
Pastor Eric said something that made me feel so good about my Faith. “You just have to be open…” If you are open, you grow.

I feel like I have grown A LOT the past few years. I have been baptized. Traveled to Mexico with the Youth Group on their Mission Trip. Played a few tunes with Witness. Decorated Christmas trees with families at El Nido. Collected cans for food drives. Stayed overnight with Interfaith Shelter. Worked with the Reconciling Fellowship to promote inclusivity.
I have been doing some serious “Faithing!”

In a way, I feel like I need to make up for all those lost years. There is still so much to learn! But I’m pretty sure if I just stay open and trust in God I will feel more like a toddler than a baby in no time.

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