Bringing Faith to Life

Bringing Faith to Life

By: Val Sachs

I recently came across a funny caption under a photo of some children in a kitchen. It read, "Children Make Nutritious Snacks." The journalism major in me loves statements with double meanings and takes comfort in the fact that there are probably no health-conscious cannibals out there searching for young, tasty morsels!

Another statement with several layers of meaning is Foothills' tagline, "Bringing Faith To Life." For more than a year, that phrase has appeared on our website, our letterhead, our business cards and our signage. When we see something so repetitively, it's easy to gloss over its nuance and meaning. What does "Bringing Faith To Life" really mean?faith-to-life-article.jpg

In its simplest form, bringing something to life refers to animating that which is dead and causing it to become alive. If your thoughts turn to resurrection at this point, you're not alone. Christ, the one in whom we place our faith died a martyr's death on the cross and was brought back to life. In this same way, God wants to change our faith -- our beliefs -- from rote, head knowledge of centuries-old Bible stories to living, relevant truths that shape our choices, our words, our very thought lives. A dead, intellect-only faith is boring. But faith brought to life is a pulsing, vibrant force that brings God's kingdom closer to a hurting world TODAY!

This brings us to the second meaning of "Bringing Faith To Life." It is a divine directive -- a restatement of the Great Commandment. We aren't supposed to hoard this living faith. We are supposed to bring it to others -- to the lives we encounter. Because God is alive and because Christ told us to love God and love others, it is our responsibility to bring that faith to the lives of others.

What lives qualify for this action on our parts? All life! We're called to share God's love to our families; to our co-workers; to the people we like and the people we don't like. (That's when it really gets difficult!) Faith needs to be brought to the lives of the cool people, the marginalized people, the rich, the poor, the CEO and the beggar. I believe our faith brought to life even applies to creation. It should affect how we treat all life and the limited resources of our planet.

What joy to know that when Jesus prayed, "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done" that we were part of that equation. If faith is living and ALIVE in us, we can further God's kingdom here on earth...and on into eternity!

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