The Family Camp Experience

The Family Camp Experience

By: Rev. Jeanette Ham

The first time our family attended family camp, our daughter Bella was seven and our son, Austin was almost four years old. We had met other Foothills families through our involvement with a few church service activities, but were eager to enlarge that circle of friends.

family-camp-hams.jpgWe got so much more than we hoped for when we attended Family Camp. Our family truly felt a sense of belonging at the beautiful Camp Cedar Glen nestled in the pines near Julian. Not only did we have clean cabins, rooms for each family and wonderful meals, but we felt instantly surrounded by new "family." Our children played with the other youth, delighted in coming up with skits for the variety show and shared in field games and singing around the campfire.

Year after year, our children have made it clear that they didn't want to miss family camp -- that in fact, they looked forward to it every year.

Jim O'Donnell who serves on the Family Camp Planning Team said, "When our family went for the first time last year, we experienced that our acquaintances turned into friendships. Our children made friends and enjoyed being in such a caring, safe environment."

In Thessalonians 5:11, Paul exhorts the early church, "Therefore, encourage one another and build each other up." Following this directive is what makes the Family Camp experience so special. It is a place for all to belong and grow in Christian community. Families have a chance to deepen relationships in God's beautiful outdoors, without the distractions of our regular, electronically-connected lives! Community and inclusive love are more than "good ideas" at camp; they are core values that cause each individual to feel valued.

Come to think of it, Camp Cedar Glen is a lot like the Kingdom of God as God intended it. For my family and me, it is a slice of Heaven on Earth. I can't wait for May to get here so I can go back again!

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