Changes at the Faith Academy

Changes at the Faith Academy

By: Pastor Eric Smith & Theresa Erb

Foothills Faith Academy will expand our pre-school program and suspend our Kindergarten class for the 2014 school year in order to accommodate the needs of the preschool and infant programs.

The infant center, which just opened in December, is going well and growing. However, we need to be very careful regarding the age of the child that we admit to the program. Foothills Faith Academy has two licenses to operate the two centers. Each has guidelines as mandated by Title 22 in the state of California. Title 22 requires that infants must move from the infant care program to the preschool program on their second birthday – they must switch to a 2 year old class. The problem is that the preschool’s 2 year old class… indeed, the entire preschool, is at full capacity.

Currently the preschool has a single classroom for two year olds. The class has been full since the beginning of the year. A waiting list was established for those who would like to enroll. The waiting list for the two year old class has 22 families that would like their 2 year olds to be enrolled in our program – but there is no room. This list consists of those willing to wait for an opening to become available. In addition, the Faith Academy office has received calls from even more families who have not been able to wait for space to open. Last year saw a waiting list for the two year old classroom that contained the names of over 20 students. The trend is obvious.


At the December meeting of the Faith Academy Advisory Board, Director Theresa Erb presented this information. Following much discussion and careful discernment the conclusion of the board was to suspend the kindergarten class for next year in order to increase the capacity of the preschool.

Much planning and effort, over several years, has gone into developing the kindergarten for our Faith Academy. We have an excellent teacher in Pat Chagnon. She provides a high quality experience for the students that are in her class. This kindergarten class, under Pat’s excellent tutelage, has contributed to the highly regarded reputation that has been enjoyed by Foothills preschool for over forty years. We are grateful for her expertise.

Many Foothills members have given time and resources to make the kindergarten possible. There has been lengthy discussion and careful consideration given to this change. It is hoped that all of the greater Foothills community will grasp that this change is being made in order to best serve our surrounding community at the present time. Foothills Faith Academy will maintain our ability to offer a kindergarten class and reopen when the ages of the student population trend toward the greater need.

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