How's Your Health? Foothills Foundation

How's Your Health? Foothills Foundation

By: Rev. Diana Wright

Well, THAT got my attention! The Dr. finally got through to me. I really do need to stop eating so many salty snacks!

Lately I've noticed I've been spending more time on my health: comparing aches and pains with my friends, ordering more meds and of course going to one more doctor's appointment. I'd been trying to argue that since my blood pressure was down, watching my salt intake was not that critical anymore. Once again, patiently, the Dr. explained that we are in this for the long haul; that we want to keep me vital as long as we can; that my long term health is dependent on what I do in the short term, on decisions I make today.

This is also what God wants for his Church- long term health through wise decisions in the here and now. Throughout Scripture God makes provisions for the future of his people: food, animals, companionship, salvation. We serve and worship a future-oriented God. Believing this to be true, the Foothills Foundation was recently chartered.

The purpose of the Foothills Foundation is to encourage members to practice Christian stewardship of our accumulated resources in thanks to God for all of God's gifts. We believe it is important to you, the friends and members of Foothills UMC, to support the Church not only today but also far into God's future for our children and grandchildren and beyond. The Foundation was established as a vehicle for legacy gifts, as well as exploring and investing in new ministries, Christian discipleship and mission in and beyond our community- projects that are currently outside the means of our annual budgets.

To learn more about the many ways you can participate in the long term health of Foothills UMC through legacy giving, please join us at one of our upcoming informational workshops led by Pastor Greg and Mike Rundlett, CFP, CKA, RIA on Saturday, May 11 at 9:30 am or Sunday, May 19 at 11:45 am. A light meal will be served. You can register on the patio April 28, May 5 or by calling the church office.

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