FOUNDRY - Reflections on Two Years of Ministry

FOUNDRY - Reflections on Two Years of Ministry

By: Val Sachs

November 18 marks two years since FOUNDRY officially opened its doors in East Chula Vista. Two years! It doesn’t seem that long ago that Pastor Christian spent an all-nighter sanding the concrete floors of an empty warehouse that would one day become a sanctuary…or that Dave Henselmeier stood just feet from his grandson painting walls that would soon echo with the sounds of Sunday morning worship…or that the district youth met to distribute door hangers at people’s homes and personally invite families to this new faith-life community.

Foundry-side-cut.jpgDuring our two years, we have witnessed God’s miraculous work in the lives of FOUNDRY families – new babies, renewed wedding vows, baptisms and other celebrations. We have also faced challenges and weathered storms – loved ones have been lost; illnesses have struck; differences of opinion have arisen. We’ve learned that starting a church in a new community can be exhilarating and messy at times.
Comedian Jerry Seinfeld once said, “A two-year-old is kind of like having a blender, but you don’t have a top for it.” He probably wasn’t talking about a church, but we think the analogy works!

God has blessed FOUNDRY with an amazing power source and the best ingredients. Most of the time, especially when bathed in prayer, this church’s ventures have been great examples of how to further God’s kingdom here on earth. We meet and share Communion every Sunday with families, some of whom didn’t have a church home before FOUNDRY. For four summers in a row, we have provided free, summertime entertainment for young families with our movie nights in the park. As a church, we have served our community by helping to build homes with Habitat for Humanity, cleaning local parks and providing for young women and girls who are victims of human trafficking. These activities as a church body inspire us and help direct our focus towards what God is teaching – through the successes and the messy times that don’t live up to our expectations.

So, what’s the best way to celebrate FOUNDRY’s second birthday? FOUNDRY members are having a progressive dinner on Saturday evening, November 15th and yes, there will be birthday cake. But the real celebration is on Sunday morning when Pastor Christian will lead FOUNDRY in morning worship. Yellow street signs will go out on local corners, as they do every Sunday and all will be invited to come to 861 Harold Place to praise God.

November 16 will be a time of thanksgiving for all that God has provided this thriving community. We plan to invite all those who have led music during our first two years, to once again, assist those who gather in raising one resounding voice of praise. We will share in Communion together and the children will learn about Jesus at Sunday school. As a congregation looking towards year three, we will baptize a family of three that morning. And when FOUNDRY members leave that building, they will take Christ with them to their homes….their schools….their workplaces. That is how God’s people at FOUNDRY will mark this day of celebration – and that is how this church will joyfully begin a new year of ministry.

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