FOUNDRY - Celebrating 2 Years of Ministry

FOUNDRY - Celebrating 2 Years of Ministry

By: Val Sachs

The tagline under FOUNDRY’s logo is Celebrating – Serving – Christ – Community. We use it in our graphics as a reminder of what God’s plan is for this church. We celebrate and serve Christ; and we celebrate and serve community because of God’s love showered on us. The weekend of November 16, FOUNDRY family members were able to do all of this as we shared in a progressive dinner, baptized a family of three and celebrated our two-year anniversary at Harold Place.

Great food and great conversation were the order of the evening at Saturday evening’s progressive dinner.

As happens every week, FOUNDRY celebrates Communion together at church on Sunday. The good news of God’s grace to us through Christ is integral to our worship time.

It was a privilege to start year three by baptizing these three! Kelley, Katherine and Lauren Rabasco were formally welcomed into the family of Christ through the Sacrament of Baptism.

Like any good celebration – there was cake! Our worship service was standing room only as we observed our second anniversary. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and couldn’t have come at a better time. We are so thankful!

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