Foundry UMC - New to Otay Ranch; Open to All

Foundry UMC - New to Otay Ranch; Open to All

By Val Sachs
As appears in the May 2012 issue of My Hometown Magazine

Maybe you've seen the signs at Otay Ranch Town Center; or at the family movie nights they sponsored last summer; or at last October's Centennial Celebration. They are Foundry United Methodist Church and before opening their doors for weekly worship services, they have intentionally formed working relationships with local organizations that serve Otay Ranch and East Lake.

"We couldn't imagine starting a church in a new community, without first learning about that area's distinct needs," said Rev. Chrisitian DeMent, Foundry's lead pastor. "That means meeting with local city leaders, business owners, social service agencies, parents, teachers and youth to learn what challenges they face."

Serving the needs of this community has in fact been the hallmark of Foundry's young existence here. Their members have taken part in community clean-up projects at Salt Creek Recreation Center, Mountain Hawk Park, Del Rey Canyon and the wildlife refuge on Proctor Valley Road. This summer, Foundry is reprising its popular free family movie nights at Montevalle Recreation Center with a special tie-in to Mayor Cox's campaign to improve literacy in South Bay schools. Their Birdies, Bogeys and Books golf tournament last November raised money for the Chula Vista Public Library Foundation and helped make last month's library grand opening in Otay Ranch Town Center a reality. Just inside foundry.jpglast month, they sponsored their second Easter Sunrise Service overlooking Otay Lake.

Rev. DeMent says that the church is now embarking on its second phase of development by leasing space for offices and a worship center in the East Lake Design District off of Otay Lakes Blvd.

"We have felt warmly embraced by the people of Otay Ranch and East Lake." pastor Christian said. "We are eager to return that welcoming spirit by inviting people to join this new faith-life community as it is being formed. It is a rare opportunity to get in on the ground floor and have a say in what this new church should be."

Foundry UMC will open its doors at 861 Harold Place on September 9 for Sunday morning worship. To learn more, go to www.foundryotayranch.org

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