FPU Class - Is it For You?

FPU Class - Is it For You?

By: Marge Woods

Honestly, I didn’t feel that I needed this class, and my financials were in pretty good shape. In the past, my high school students frequently heard me espouse my “credit card debt is evil” mantra; and my husband, Tim, and I always told our children to only charge what they could afford to pay off at the end of the month. I took the class because my daughter had mentioned that she’d like to take a financial class to help her and her husband get rid of their debts faster. So I told her about the upcoming class at FUMC; then I got the brilliant idea to offer the class to my son and his soon-to-be bride as well. I paid for their class fees, and it was worth every penny I spent. I went along for the ride, but I learned a lot from taking this class—especially in areas that I wasn’t so well versed in, like insurance and investments. I truly wish I’d taken this class in my 20’s!

The class dealt with many financial topics, such as: how to save money, cash flow planning, getting rid of debt the quickest way possible, the role of insurance, retirement and college planning, real estate and mortgages. We were given a text, a workbook, CD’s, budget materials, and access to valuable on-line resources for additional lessons in these topics and more, as well as various budgeting forms.

On the last class session, we spent time discussing the personal benefits of this class. Some were obvious, as shown in the figures below. My son and his fiancé were able to pay off all their debt and save additional money for their honeymoon. My daughter paid her college debt way down and also has started saving. Several people mentioned that this class gave them a new perspective about money, one in which they see themselves as stewards of God’s resources (including money), and as such, it is important to incur as little debt as possible, to save as much as possible, and to give as much as possible. Giving moves us to become less selfish, and less selfish people have more of a tendency to prosper in relationships and wealth. I’m all for that!
The results of my class were as follows:

MONEY SAVED: $48,965

Everyone can benefit from this class--even if you are like I was and don’t think you need it!
Register by contacting John Kolb at 619-778-4733, or find him on the patio after services.

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