New Things and a New Committee

New Things and a New Committee

By: Rev. Lori Doyle and Rev. Greg Batson

On Sunday, Sept 18, at our specially called Church Conference, our leadership voted unanimously to merge with First UMC of El Cajon, with the intent to form Good Shepherd Ministry Center. El Cajon 1st had also voted for this merge at their Charge Conference a week earlier. While it may take several months for all legal paperwork to be properly completed, as far as our Cal-PAC Conference is concerned, the merge is effective as of Oct 1. We celebrate that we are now one church with two campuses and many new opportunities to be in ministry.

The dedicated group of Foothills members formerly known as the El Cajon 1st Exploration committee, along with our pastoral leadership, will be putting together the Good Shepherd Ministry Council (GSMC) as we move forward. They will be visioning and implementing needed ministries in the El Cajon neighborhoods. There are many Foothills members who have already engaged with GSMC to help support their current outreach to the food insecure in El Cajon. We look forward to strengthening these critical ministries.

We invite you to attend our next Administrative Council meeting on Sunday, Oct 8 at 6pm to participate in our ongoing visioning for the Good Shepherd Ministry Council.

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