GSMC Director's Update 1/2019

GSMC Director's Update 1/2019

By: Danean LeNoir

God continues to bless GSMC with the love and support of the community. The East County Homeless Task Force identified the need to provide more support to homeless youth under the age of 25. GSMC has responded by focusing on juniors and seniors in High School that do not have stable housing. The intent is to prevent chronic homelessness by providing a safe place where youth can gain assistance and mentoring in preparation for adulthood post high school graduation. We are calling the program EXCEL and we are excited to present the program and gain input during our next Admin Council. Today we have verbal confirmations from 4 organizations that want to partner with GSMC to provide funding, supplies and volunteers. We are in the process of formalizing those partnerships and hope to gain more partnerships over the next few months. We see this program as on opportunity to not only support our most vulnerable young people but to also engage with the community for a common and exciting goal. I am eager to hear input at the next Admin Council. Please see the attached EXCEL business plan for program details.

We are also pleased to announce that at the end of January our refugee family will be leaving GSMC to move into their own apartment. Their departure opens up their living space to be utilized by Interfaith Shelter in February. Additionally, Denise Serino has led the effort to secure funds from UMCOR through Christ Ministry Center to update the room into a true efficiency apartment. With these improvements we will have a self-contained living space that can support a family of 6. We have also drafted a plan that reflects the lessons we have learned through hosting our first family. We believe that this plan is sustainable and will enable GSMC to continue to provide safety and comfort for asylum seeking families. Over the next two months we will be seeking input from our Foothills Missions team and folks who actively supported our first family while we build a volunteer team to support our next family. If you feel called to support our next family, please review the attached plan and reach out me so I can start building the next family support team.

Good Shepherd Key activities and Needs
1 more Sleeper Sofa by March 15th
Interfaith Shelter – Feb 9th – 23rd
Identify volunteers for our next asylum seeking family

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