This Month at GSMC

This Month at GSMC

By: Danean LeNoir

There are many exciting activities happening at Good Shepherd Ministry Center. This month we focus on our partnership with EJE Academy and the support we have been providing to our refugee family.

EJE Academy is a charter school that shares similar values with Foothills:
EJE Academy Mission: As dual language charter schools, EJE Academies prepare students from a diverse population to excel in higher education and to be leaders in creating a just, global society. EJE Academy Core Values: Justice, Excellence, Service from the Heart.

EJE Academy is not only Good Shepherd’s largest tenant; they have a true heart to serve their students and to improve the lives of their student’s family. EJE leadership has welcomed support from Foothills volunteers:

  • On Oct 17th Foothills volunteers will begin an after-school Bible club on Wednesdays through the Sonshine Haven program. GSMC Sonshine club is being led by Jennifer Smith Nikodym at Good Shepherd Ministry Center.
  • Sue Simmons is providing ESL classes and will be reaching out to the EJE parents looking to expand their proficiency.
  • EJE will identify 35 of its families with the most need. Utilizing the model that has been established by Common Ground and the schools they support in Spring Valley, the Bethlehem Food Pantry will be providing boxes filled with a week’s worth of nutritious food for 35 families that the leadership at EJE has identified as having the greatest need during the breaks at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Sue Naslund & Theresa Erb are leading the planning efforts with the EJE Director.

Refugee Family Update
The refugee family from El Salvador continues to live at Good Shepherd Ministry Center while they work through the long and laborious process associated with achieving legal refugee status. In the meantime, Foothills volunteers in partnership with Christ Ministry Center, work hard to prepare them for independence should they be granted refugee status. The family has received their immunizations and have access to basic health care. Santos, the mother, is excited to begin ESL classes, and with the help of Foothills volunteers, the family is now purchasing and preparing their own food.

What are the needs of this family?

  • Pray for them, as their first court hearing is Oct 16th
  • Good Shepherd would like to provide a childcare worker to teach the youngest children English while their mom, Santos, takes English Classes. Any donations to support this activity would be greatly appreciated.
  • Spanish speaking volunteers who would be interested in taking the family on outings during the weekend.

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