Happy Holidays... From Jesus

Happy Holidays... From Jesus

By: John Parsons

During this Christmas season I think back to when WWJD was all the rage.
The cards, necklaces, bracelets, all asking the question what would Jesus do? Mostly the answer included the actions of kindness, love, grace, and generosity; and that's what he would do. But WWJS? What would Jesus say? And at this time of year brings discussion about how one should greet another person exclaiming a joy of the holiday season. Or I mean the Christmas season. I think he probably would've used a parable or a story that would show us all the folly of our ways one way or the other and to focus on loving one another and loving God. I get the feeling we would be reminded how in God’s eyes and ours also every day is a holy day, every day is to be cherished, every day is to be spent loving - being kind helping one another being there for those that need us. Spending time thinking about what should be said to our neighbors to extend the joy of the season is a waste of time. To extend a feeling of happiness of joy of any kind or in the season is to be Christ like. At Common Ground building a bicycle, delivering books to schools, volunteering, feeding families, and assisting people in need is our way of saying thank you, Jesus, for being born.

And oh yeah, from Common Ground - Happy Holidays to you!

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