Getting Involved

Getting Involved

By: Karrie Osborn

I have been attending Foothills for about two years. For the first year, I kept under the radar. I came to Sunday worship and a few other events. I knew just a few people, and wasn’t really connected. To be honest, if I missed a Sunday or two, I’m not sure if anyone would have noticed. Somewhere along the way, I filled out an information card and mentioned that I had experience teaching Sunday School.

Last year, Lisa Stewart asked me if I would be interested in teaching the Kindergarten and First grade Kids Connect class once a month. I was excited to say yes and get started. As I waited for my first Sunday with the kids, doubt began to creep in. It had been a long time since I had worked with kids. The 'what if' questions nagged at me. I didn’t know what was cool in the kindergarten and first grade world. Would I still be able to connect with them? But, after the first Sunday, I was excited! Excited because I was getting to know the children and their parents. And to my relief, the kids filled me in on what was cool.

I had some free time during the week, so I was able to help Lisa and Jen with some behind the scenes projects for Kids Connect. One day, while working on one of the projects, I met Martha Kogel, who mentioned that the Rummage Sale was coming up and that there were plenty of opportunities to help out. I was available, so I showed up, not really knowing what to expect. I won’t even mention the sheer volume of stuff that was organized and sold during the sale. Each night I would go home and put my feet up and the next day I would show back up with a little more ibuprofen in my system and wonder how some of the other volunteers who were a couple of years older than me were making it through with a smile on their face. When I learned that the Rummage Sale had earned over $10,000 for the Fiji missions trip, I was thrilled. Any discomfort I had felt was worth it.

Just last week, Sue Ranck asked me if I would be able to help out as the volunteer receptionist in the Church office a couple of times a month. If you are one of the people who called the church office during my first shift last Wednesday and I hung up on you, I am SO sorry. You wouldn’t think a phone could be that complicated.

I know it isn’t about the abilities I have. It has been about having a willing heart, showing up, and letting the Lord work through me as I keep the two great commandments at the forefront of my mind:
You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and with all your strength, and you shall love your neighbor as yourself.

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