Bringing Our 'A' Game

Bringing Our 'A' Game

By: Carolyn Wietzel

This year, over 65 people from Foothills contributed their time and talents in some way during our 11th year of our participation in the San Diego Interfaith Shelter Network. Between 9 and 12 guests were at the shelter at Good Shepherd Ministry Center at any given time, and three of them attended services at our church during the two-week time period.

Thank you to the many of you who tangibly demonstrated love and compassion during this time. Homelessness is not an easy thing to witness, but we met people who were serious about improving their situations this year. What a blessing! On our end, we had food providers, a nightly food server, overnight hosts, hygiene bag assemblers, laundry day drivers, and great support from our GSMC director, Danean LeNoir. As you know, those who serve in this way receive so much more than they give! And who knows? Maybe we were providing hospitality to angels in our midst.

Beyond the numbers of those who participated and those who received, there was still another message, one which our members need to hear clearly. The vulnerable people we met not only raved about the food and the support they received, but one of the guests mentioned that our shelter was “the Hilton” of shelters. While that comment is certainly funny, it causes me to reflect on the spirit which Foothills gives to this ministry.

I just love the fact that whether we provide food or other material support to people in need, we give the best that we have to offer, not just our leftovers, as if they are honored guests in our homes. Our “A” game, if you will… Those of us who have experienced the face-to-face contact with our needy brothers and sisters receive a profound and humbling realization that, after all, they are very much like the rest of us. A generous spirit, which reflects God’s compassion placed in each of our hearts, allows us to give abundantly and in full measure to our fellow human beings.

Thank you, Foothills, for bringing your “A” game to this important ministry.

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