Thank You For Loving Us

Thank You For Loving Us

By: Steve Hable

This is the message we have been asked to convey to the congregation of Foothills.
In October Pastor Eric, Al Paton, John Cooney and I completed another Kairos weekend at RJ Donovan State Prison. The men that reside in the facility wanted us to tell you how appreciative they are for all that you have done for them. Your participation in this program is crucial in changing the lives of men and their families.

The homemade cookies, letters of support, placemats colored by the children and the prayers were acts of love that have made a life-long impression on the inmates in the Kairos program. We encounter men of all ages, races, and educational backgrounds. Some are serving “light sentences” and others have been sentenced to remain incarcerated for life. The majority of the inmates will be released. Before the Kairos event, some of the things they share in common were disappointment, mistrust, anger, resentment and abandonment. They had a firm belief that all of us outside of the prison system subscribe to the theory of “lock’em up and throw away the key.”

As the Kairos program unfolded, the inmates realized that we were bringing tangible signs from people that really care about them and their families. As we finished on the last day, the men that participated in the program expressed their emotional thanks for all of the support they received from you. On behalf of the “men in blue” at Donovan, thank you for your participation in the Kairos ministry. We go back again in March and hope you will support us again.

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