Connecting Kids + Connecting Families =

Connecting Kids + Connecting Families =

By: Lisa Stewart

After nine months of hard work, the dedicated design team members (Elizabeth Farley, Molly Jarrell, Jennifer Jensen, Carla Kettrick, Jim O’Donnell, Charlie Roach, Sarah Robertson) brought to life the vision for an updated approach for Sunday School! The team members brought unique skills and talents to the process and generously invested their time and energy. We are also grateful to the many people who helped clean, paint, build the learning areas, and decorate King Hall and transform it into the King Hall Connection Center, a space where people of all ages can share and connect. Attendance has already shown a 25% increase compared to last year.

KC.jpgWhat Happens At KidsConnect?
KidsConnect (Sunday School) serves children ages 3 through 8th grade in a large-group gathering followed by activity-based learning in age-based small groups. Special attention is given to helping children develop deeper relationships by getting to know one another as their leaders guide them through their weekly lessons.

At KidsConnect, the kids are learning to see themselves the way God does so that they can love others the way God loves us! Each week, we explore a “life application” or “bottom line message” that helps the kids connect what they’re learning that week to the Bible passage.

Connecting Kids + Connecting Families!
The conversation continues at home with the aid of a “Parent Cue Card” which states the week’s “bottom line message” along with a question that parents can ask their kids and a question the kids can ask their parents. A monthly Family eXperience “FX” helps parents and children connect with one another through games, potluck dinner and a brief description of the month’s KidsConnect theme. Families had a blast with minute-to-win-it games, service projects, board games in PJs, and a Christmas-themed FX! The next FX is March 1, 2015!

Join the KidsConnect Team!
Children and Family Ministries are truly blessed to have a committed KidsConnect Team of more than 20 volunteers to lead, support, and assist.

We are looking for adults to serve as:

  • storytellers
  • small group activity leaders
  • AV/Media resource people
  • creative folks to help us create monthly “set designs”

Some of the responsibilities take place on Sunday mornings, and others can be done during the week or evenings. “Get connected” and see how your faith comes to life as you share your time, skills, and faith with KidsConnect!

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