La Roca Grows: Part 1 - The Bakery

La Roca Grows: Part 1 - The Bakery By: Raymond Swavely

Do you remember when Foothills donated seed money for the bakery at La Roca?

Well , the seeds have come to Bloom. La Roca has acquired a space in a commercial district. They have moved all the equipment and goods to that location and have opened a store-front that sells their bakery goods. As a sideline of this they also give and ask for donations for clothing and other items that they put on display. They utilize some help from the parents of the children at the La Roca school and church, who offer their aid in exchange for the education that their children receive.

There is no Profit and Loss statement yet. And I am sure there will be growing pains as with any new business. BUT THEY ARE OPEN! If you have ANY (and I mean ANY) items you would like to donate, please put them in the La Roca Wagon and they will make it down there. These items give them an edge over other bakeries, as people come into La Roca's bakery to donate goods, or find out if there is any free will available for them. This then sends goodwill throughout the community, who they hope will continue to support their business.
Way to go Foothills!

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