The Rewards of Meal Ministry

The Rewards of Meal Ministry

By: Marian Folkner

Last August, the Meal Ministry was formed to work with the Foothills Pastoral Care Team (PCT) which is already coordinating with persons needing support.   The PCT establishes whether a person wants a few meals as a transition in times such as illness, recovering from surgery, suffering a loss, or the birth of a baby. So far, 30 different donors have furnished 45 meals to 19 different people.

The emphasis is on caring for our Foothills family, not about the food.  This is about stewardship of our time, and rewards both the giver as well as the recipient. A volunteer doesn't have to do a whole meal or deliver it.  Sometimes this happens, but it can be several people coordinating to get a meal delivered.  Meals do not have to be home-cooked.  Sometimes take-out food is what works.

Frequently groups and committees of the church have taken responsibility for coordinating a month.  They use their membership as well as individual volunteers to provide meals.  This helps spread the effort and gives more people a chance to be involved in helping. We are currently looking for groups to take responsibility for a month - we already have through July scheduled - and individuals willing to prepare all or part of a meal or deliver it. Contact Marian Folkner (670-5971) if you would like to help.

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