Donate a Page to the Lenten Booklet

Donate a Page to the Lenten Booklet By: Anne Bullard
Are you ready for Christmas?

It’s here at last and I hope you will be able to celebrate with us in the Sanctuary at one of the four services offered today! The first Sunday in Advent marked the beginning of the Christian year, and as the liturgical calendar marches forward, the contemplative season of Lent will be upon us in a matter of weeks. Over the past many years, Foothills has made a wonderful tradition of providing a booklet of Lenten devotionals. The booklet contains a meditation for each of the 40 days of Lent, all provided by members of the Foothills Congregation. You are welcome and encouraged to include your devotion.

lenten 2013.jpgWe have a standard format, so each contribution should include:
1) Bible verse with citation
2) 2-3 paragraphs with your thoughts about the passage you selected (around 300 words)
3) Your prayer to conclude the meditation for the day.

What will I write about this year? Lately, when I am walking the dog I mull over the possibilities. I have been thinking about a friend of mine who identifies himself as an atheist, but his profession is that of helping people improve the bodies they were born with. Seems like a paradox…maybe there’s something there. I’m also struck by the number of people who are drawn to visit the cross at the top of Mt. Helix. I wonder what they are thinking as they gaze up at it, take photographs of it, and admire the beautiful surroundings. Is there a Bible passage that describes what they are seeking? Often too, I find that the rhythm of my steps echoes an anthem we have lately sung in Choir. I better settle on something soon so I don’t have to rush to get the writing finished in time!

What will you write about this year? Maybe something in your preparations for Christmas will prompt your meditations. Maybe it will be something about the year to come, a memory from the past, or an inspirational moment. I hope you are encouraged to spend some time on this truly satisfying exercise. I really look forward to reading what comes my way. If you would like to submit a devotion for Lent 2013, the deadline is Monday, January 28th 2013. Please email your submission to me at anne@bullardfamily.org

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