Dodgeball Missionaries

Dodgeball Missionaries

By: Anthony Aranico

If we held dodgeball tournaments every month, we could change the world.

dodgeball tournament.jpgEvery April, the youth of the San Diego United Methodist Church district form teams, make costumes, and train to throw dodgeballs at each other in order to change the world. How is this possible, you may ask? With each participant paying $10 to play. It may not seem like much, but the tournament is run solely by volunteers, so all of the money can go to a good cause. This past April 22nd we had our Disney themed dodgeball tournament and 100 middle schoolers and senior highers came out to play. They raised $1,000 by just playing dodgeball!

The money didn't stop there, though. Through corporate sponsors working with World Vision, we were able to multiply the $1,000 12 times!
That is $12,000 being donated to World Vision because of some youth playing dodgeball.

World Vision will be taking the $12,000 and giving half to buy school supplies for students here in the US and half to schools all around the world for school supplies. The youth and volunteers who helped run the dodgeball tournament are helping fund schools around the world so that we can keep children educated. The dodgeball tournament that lasted an afternoon will help kids learn for a lot longer.

A big thank you to the parents who encouraged their youth to play and to the parents who helped drive them to the tournament.
So yes, dodgeball tournaments can help change the world. Look for it next year and sign up to play!

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