The Community of Foothills Folks

The Community of Foothills Folks

By Theresa Erb

Imagine having lunch with a group of friends. You are bringing your favorite dessert to share. As others arrive they bring their favorite side dishes, salads or desserts. Coffee, lemonade and water are available when you walk in. You choose your favorite and take it to a table and join your friends. Soon everyone has arrived and the discussion turns to joys and concerns that each is holding in their heart. You lift up the name of a loved one, or a friend who is not there, and everyone prays together and thanks God for the bounty of food and friends that surrounds them.

foothills folks article photo.jpgNow it is time to enjoy the delicious food! A main dish has been provided for everyone to share, and you take a taste of everything. During lunch you catch up with friends and make plans to meet them another day. After the meal you listen to a speaker that has been asked to talk about a topic of interest, or share photos of a recent trip to Africa. There might be a representative from a community agency such as Helix Water or SDG&E or you may watch a short performance.

You don’t need to imagine the picture that I have described to you. It happens every month when the Foothills Folks group meets. It is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your friends at Foothills Church. Our next meeting will be Wednesday, September 12. We meet at 11:45am in the Youth Center. Ruth Weiss will be informing us about the Election Integrity Project of which she is the San Diego County Coordinator. The Election Integrity Project is a non-partisan, non-political organization that is committed to the single goal of having “every lawfully cast vote accurately counted.”

Our main dish for the luncheon will be Chinese food from China Diamond. Please bring a salad, side dish or dessert to share and $3. To make your reservation contact Theresa Erb in the church office or by calling 670-4009.

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