Summer is the ON Season for a Youth Director

Summer is the ON Season for a Youth Director By Anthony Aranico

As Youth finish school in the spring they are excited and ready to be done with classes for a few months. Youth directors are also excited, but maybe they are more stressed, anxious and a million other emotions besides ready. That is because summer is the on season for youth directors. When else during the year will they have more time to be in fellowship with the youth? Foothills has had a long history of epic summers full of fun activities and service projects on Tuesdays and DABs (Days At the Beach) on Thursdays. It is one of the reasons that I became involved when I was a youth with this group. This year was no exception.

FUMY summer 1.jpgThe youth had a wonderful summer led by our summer intern and former youth Amanda Grimm, while I was busy getting married, going on a honeymoon, and staying in Denver for two weeks of intensive classes for seminary. I am glad that we were able to have an intern who has experienced these things as a youth as well because she was able to show her passion and love for the summer program. And the youth definitely felt it. For the time that I was here in town and able to participate in these events, I couldn’t help but feel the love of God that was pouring out on all of the youth in the San Diego District. Camps this year were close to bursting at the seams and I imagine that they will all be filled up this next year.

FUMY summer 2.jpgAs this summer comes to an end, I have been contemplating what these past few weeks have meant for this youth group. These youth have grown closer through service, camp, and fellowship. Each service opportunity allowed them to work together as a team toward a common good, allowing for God’s grace to flow through them. Camp, up at Julian's beautiful Camp Cedar Glen, gave them a whole week uninhibited from the pushes and pulls of life “down the hill.” They were able to spend time more closely shaping their faith with one another and with God. Each DAB and Sunday night spent in FUMY was filled with laughs and fun, forging bonds with this family that each of these youth have come together to help create.

I am excited for all of the new programs coming up this fall and for the opportunity to continue to serve this community. It’s time to hit the ground running and go straight on until Christmas!

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