The Place of God in Prison

The Place of God in Prison

By: Dan Palm

"I was in prison and you visited me."
Matthew 25:36


kairos logo 250.jpgThe Kairos prison ministry provides many ways to care for those in prison. Kairos is an international Christian, lay led, ecumenical prison ministry that spans 9 countries and 31 of the United States. There are 361 Kairos communities in the U.S., 422 word wide, and one of those communities is located here in San Diego. Hundreds of Christian men and women from many San Diego churches of different denominations introduce men in Donovan correctional facility (Otay Mesa) and the women in their lives, to Jesus Christ.

As you might imagine, prison is a dark and evil place. Many men become hopeless after years of incarceration. Many of those men were abused in various ways as children and consequently chose to strike out at society by committing crimes. Some of those men were innocent of the crimes for which they were convicted and they have lost hope that justice will ever be realized. The Kairos prison ministry reaches out in love to all of these children of God with a message of hope and forgiveness. Kairos also reaches out to the women and children impacted by incarceration. There is no more faithful vineyard to harvest lost souls than a prison.

Many people in our congregation support the Kairos prison ministry in various ways. We use cookies to entice candidates to come to a 3.5 day weekend retreat. Those weekend retreats need to be bathed in prayer. Volunteer men are needed to present the program at the prison. Brief notes of love and encouragement for the men are needed for the weekend. Volunteer women are needed to present Kairos outside the prison walls and reach out to women affected by the incarceration of their men. You can also financially support these efforts by donating to Kairos. For more information, visit the Kairos website at www.kairosofsandiego.org.

This program changes lives for the better, as well as improves the climate of the prison.

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