The Work of Kairos

The Work of Kairos

In Mathew, Chapter 25, verses 31 through 46, Christ instructs us to care for the least of society. We need to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked and visit the sick and imprisoned. There are food drives several times during the year to provide desperately needed food, water and clothing for the disadvantaged. We care for the sick within our community and reach out to their families to reduce the adverse effects of illness or injury. When it comes to the imprisoned, the usual reaction is, “Good, now throw away the key!” At Kairos, the inmates receive the hope that Christ offers all of us.

Over a 4-day “weekend” several volunteers from the outside, along with the support of several devout Christian inmates, are allowed to meet and instruct 36 inmates that have been selected by the prison Chaplin. Some are selected because they will be released within months. Others are selected because of their position of power on the prison yard. The structured non-denominational program has been very successful in transforming lives. Correctional officers tell us that the tensions in the prison yard decline significantly. Inmates that attend the program are far less likely to return to prison than those that do not attend.

Kairos cookies.jpgKairos needs your help to reach the inmates. Our next “weekend” is October 25-28. We need COOKIES!! The warden is again allowing us to bring homemade cookies back to the yard. Homemade cookies are the most cherished item on the yard. Place the cookies in clear plastic bags, no more than 24 cookies to a bag, with no ties or aluminum foil. We will collect them on Sunday, October 21. Thank you for your commitment to Kairos.

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